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How do I acquire poker chips? Can I send an e-mail transfer as a form of payment?

We only accept cash as payment for poker chips. The front desk will assist you in purchasing chips and will provide you with your seat or waitlist number.

Do you have any ongoing promotions?

Yes! Bring a friend who hasn’t previously played at TPG and get a bonus of $50 in chips. We also pay high-hands every two hours per table worth $200!

What are the requirements for the $30,000 BAD BEAT JACKPOT?

For NLH, the minimum qualifying hand is AAA/QQ. ONE (1) player must be holding a pocket pair to qualify for the bad beat. For PLO, the minimum qualifying hand is KKKK/J. BOTH (2) players must be holding pocket pairs to qualify for the bad beat. There must be a minimum of SIX (6) players on the table, and speaking about the bad beat during the hand disqualifies it.

Are you hosting any tournaments?

Currently, we do not have any tournaments planned at Toronto Poker Game. However, we may look into hosting tournaments based on demand. Stay up to date with our website to find out about any tournaments or additional games!

What to Expect at Our Poker Room in Toronto

At Toronto Poker Game, you can expect anything from games for beginners or occasional players to some of the most exhilarating poker games you have yet to experience. Whether it be no limit hold 'em, or pot limit Omaha, we have something to scratch your poker itch with our poker rooms in Toronto!

No Limit Hold'Em

Our no limit hold 'em tables have buy-ins from $100 to $3000 so why wait to upgrade your no limit hold 'em poker experience? From the moment you walk into the Toronto Poker Games facility, a wave of poker euphoria is sure to come over you. For new players deciding to join us we recommend starting with our 1/3 no limit hold'em tables to get a feel before moving on up to our higher limit tables. For experienced players, the sky is the limit at Toronto Poker Game; whether you feel like putting your money where your mouth is or are just looking for some casual play with the chance of reward, we have what you are looking for.

Pot Limit Omaha

Wondering what to expect at our pot limit omaha tables? Expect a similar experience to texas hold em tables. Players will receive four hole cards as opposed to two and must craft the best hand possible using the tables three community cards and two of their own. This type of play style at Toronto Poker Games offers a different yet exhilarating experience for all players alike. Just like our no limit hold'em tables we have everything from casual play tables to tables that are fit for professionals.

The Toronto Poker Game Experience

So why wait fellow poker lovers of Toronto? Come join us today to reserve your seat at Toronto's most desirable poker facility. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave the smile on your face is sure to never leave. Contact us today to learn more about what you can expect at our poker room in Toronto!

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