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Why You Should Play Poker Cash Games in 2022

Posted on 24 July 2022

Why You Should Play Poker Cash Games in 2022

Cash Game: What Does It Really Mean?

Often known as live-action games, this particular type of poker means playing with real money (which is most likely in the form of chips) and one that doesn't have a definite time frame with regards to the entrance and exit of players. 

If you have been to a poker tournament or seen one on TV, you'll notice that all the participants in a given table must start together and the goal is to reach the final table and claim the pot or be the last man seated. The thing that makes cash games different from tourneys is that there isn't a specific time when you can start playing or when you should get up. 

At any time of the game, as long as there's a seat open, you can join the table and bring in your chips/money which should be at least equivalent to the minimum buy-in requirement for that particular room. 

There are casinos or poker clubs that don't allow additional buy-in or a partial cash-out of the winning until you decide to stand up and leave your seat. You will have to give up your spot and wait for a vacant seat (or at a desired elapsed time determined by the room owner) before you can buy in again. 

Benefits of Playing Poker Cash Games

So the real question is, what should you play? Cash game or tournament? To help you decide, here are some of the good reasons why cash games are better, in their own respect. 

  • Play and go. This is quite literal. You can sit whenever you want, and go whenever you feel like you've had enough. Here, you will not be bound by specific play hours so it is perfect for passing some free time. Let's face it, we all have our downtimes. No matter how much you love poker, there will be days when you don't want to spend extra long hours in a poker room. I advise against the “hit and run” approach though. If you win a massive pot, at least stay for 30 mins (you can just keep folding the hands). It’s just good poker etiquette.

  • Minimize losses. This might be a little subjective, but generally speaking, if you play these games, chances are, you can still get out of the situation before it makes you lose more $$. For instance, after playing for a while, you notice it's not your lucky day and you have been losing from the start, you have the option to stop playing and only lose what you can afford at the moment. 

  • Consistent winnings. The blinds in cash games will never increase, so your income will be more stable. Also, the stack of chips on your side represents your real money in its truest value, so you can easily count your $$ while playing. 

Now that you know some of the best things cash games can offer, does it mean it's always better than tournaments? Certainly not. Tourneys are a lot easier to understand for newbies. Also, the opponents here are more relaxed compared to those who play cash games with real money at stake. 

Bottom line is, regardless of which type you want to play, there will always be pros and cons. If you want to know which is better for you, then it would be best to try playing both cash games and tournaments and remember how you feel each time. This will tell you which game you are most comfortable with. 

But no matter what you choose, the most important thing is to enjoy the game. As always, Toronto Poker Game is your local hot spot for the best No Limit Texas Hold'Em Cash Games in town! Happy grinding!


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